Team of the Week (17 Feb) - M3 vs Trinity M1 - EH Cup Last 16

THD M3 2 - 1 Trinity M1

Dulwich College

Saturday 17 Feb

EH Tier 3 Championships - Last 16


Match Report

In an exhilarating last 16 showdown, THD Men’s 3s hosted Trinity 1s in a gripping match that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. Despite both teams putting up a fierce fight, the umpires added an extra layer of intrigue by consistently signaling in opposite directions, adding to the intensity of the game.

M3 2

Trinity 1s arrived from Surrey ready to battle, but not without controversy. Rumors circulated about THD allegedly stacking their team with "1s players," with Lorenzo at the center of attention. Lorenzo, with a point to prove, silenced those rumours by executing a flawless tomahawk shot from the top of the D, finding the bottom corner and putting THD ahead. Trinity were not happy.

However, Trinity refused to back down, rallying to equalize the score and set the stage for a nerve-wracking finale. With tension mounting, Joel Berk emerged as the hero for THD, securing victory with a gritty goal in the dying minutes of the match.

Despite losing captain Tim to a late yellow card, THD held their ground and emerged triumphant, clinching a hard-fought victory and securing their spot in the quarter-finals. With determination and resilience, THD Men’s 3s continue their journey in the competition, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.