Juniors - What to Know

We've outlined all the main things to know about the Junior section of the Hockey Club below. But if you have any questions at all please do contact us at 

If you are looking to join, please register with us now.


  • Any child is welcome to give the game a try (i.e. first session is free and without commitment), but every child who attends regularly will be required to pay a subscription for the season.
  • Details of subscription rates and how to pay are on the membership page. All junior players are required to be registered on ClubBuzz and payment is via Direct Debit.
  • For any questions regarding membership or fees please contact
  • The club also runs a bursary scheme for those who need assistance in covering the cost of the subscription – please email Marilyn at

Training / Coaching:

  • All coaching is undertaken by coaches who have been screened for their suitability for working with young people and it is all overseen by a level 3 coach.
  • Coaching takes place in age groups, check the table below to know which age group your child would be in. Training takes place at different times and locations depending on the age group, all info can be found on the Training page
School Year
Age Group
Reception & Year 1 Mixed Under 6
Year 2 & Year 3 Mixed Under 8
Year 4 & Year 5 Under 10
Year 6 & Year 7 Under 12
Year 8 & Year 9 Under 14
Year 10 & Year 11 Under 16
Year 12 Come along to Senior training

NOTE - On very rare occasions, players are allowed to join older or younger groups.


  • We welcome parents to all training sessions and competitions and value your support. We are keen to try and involve parents in the club and if you would like more information about this do not hesitate to contact us at
  • We are also keen to recruit parents who would like to help with other aspects of the club e.g. team manager, social events, umpiring, doing tea and coffee or registration duty etc. If you would like more information about this do not hesitate to contact us at


    • Players should be suitably clothed for all coaching sessions and matches – shorts / skirt / skort / tracksuit trousers + suitable shirt / sweatshirt / fleece.
    • Club kit is available to purchase – please see the kit page for all information.
    • Shin guards are essential and all players are strongly advised to wear a mouth guard.
    • Trainers, even if not specially designed for astroturf should have a good grip and laces should be tied up sufficiently tightly so as to support the foot and help get a good grip on the pitch.
    • Football boots or any other studded boots may not be worn. Anyone with long hair should wear it in such a way as to keep it off their face (e.g. bandana / ponytail).
    • Don’t bring valuables – but if you have to, make sure you give it in and collect it at the end.


    • A limited number of sticks are available to borrow, but you should bring your own stick if you have one. We are happy to advise as to what weight and length of stick is suitable.


    • Arrangements should be made for your son / daughter to travel to and from training sessions and matches.
    • We appreciate if players can arrive promptly and are collected promptly at the end of each session if they are not making their own way home.
    • If you are going to be late picking up your son / daughter please contact one of the coaches that are present at the session.


    • “Home” matches may be played at Dulwich College, JAGS or at Alleyn’s.
    • Matches take place on Sundays for all age groups throughout the season.
    • We have to rely on parents to assist with transport to “away” matches and we would be most grateful if parents would let us know when they are willing to assist with transport from time to time.


    • The club is presently applying for accreditation with Sport England’s Clubmark, which is awarded to clubs by England Hockey when the club is able to demonstrate that it meets the criteria with regard to playing programme, child protection, sports equity and ethics and club management.
    • Clubmark is an acknowledgement that we take these issues seriously and that we are striving to provide a high quality and welcoming environment for young participants in hockey.