Club Day announced!

Club Day

The most fun day of the year for the friendliest club in London! 
This year our club day is on Saturday 3rd September, on 2 pitches, and ending with a whole host of fun at the Clubhouse! 

Starting with our Women's 1s playing against Sevenoaks at 10am at DC and ending with our Men's 1s playing Sittingbourne at 3pm there is a lot of hockey to be played! 

We'd love to see you there! 

We're expecting a big turnout - cause who wouldn't want to join - so we've split the hockey part across DC and Jags again this year. We'll all come together for some food, drinks, bantz and maybe some organised fun at the Clubhouse afterwards.

Men's Club Day - 11-11:30 registration - Dulwich College 
Women's Club Day - 11-11:30 registration - JAGS 

Attendance is not manditory for our members, as selection will happen before and after the day, but we strongly encourage you to join us, to meet the newcomers, play some hockey and have a jolly good time!