Saying farewell to Shaq and Andrew!

This season we had the privilege of welcoming two remarkable international players, Shaq Assanah and Andrew Stewart, from the Guyana International Hockey Team to THD.

Both Shaq and Andrew made a great mark on our club. From coaching our lower club, THD Phoenix to their incredible skills on the pitch and their warm presence off it. They enriched our club in more ways than one.


Here's what our coaches and fellow members of our community had to say about their time with us:

"It was a fantastic opportunity to have Shaq and Andrew join us for most of the season. Not knowing much about hockey in Guyana, lessons were learnt when the boys showed up to their first training session and showed us all why they were international hockey players! Andrew quickly became known as the stealth threat in defence, with brilliant positioning and the ability to pick the ball off the attacker's stick at any moment. Shaq has blistering speed on the ball and amazing agility whilst cutting through defenders with quality close-stick skills. It was a great experience having both the boys in the squad this year, and I wish them the best of luck with their international duties back in Guyana."

                                                                                                      George Lovegrove, M1’s Head Coach

"Shaq and Andrew brought their international skills to the M1s team and international coaching standards to our lower team's training. And we offered them the experience of British winter weather. Through wind and rain, the lads were at every single session. They brought innovative drills that challenged our experienced players as well as supporting our beginners by helping them to get to grips with the sport. All sides saw great progress with their guidance. It was a pleasure having them as part of the coaching team this season, and we wish them all the best in the rest of their hockey careers."

                                                                                       Anna Robinson, Lower Women’s Club Captain

"Andrew and Shaq, for 6 months, filled our home with hockey chat, cook-up, singing, music, and lots of laughter. They loved London, and it brought such joy to us to share it with them - from trips on the River Thames, Brixton Market, Regent Street Christmas lights and Lime Bike excursions, they threw themselves into it all. I can't deny, they did not love the cold. I suspect they were not really ready, nor packed for our temperature! Despite our mild Autumn weather, they were chilly. On their first morning with us, I found them in the kitchen wrapped in all our towels. Off to Sports Direct we went! The house is much quieter without them here, and, even in our cold climate, they both brought a huge amount of warmth."

                                                                                                               Reedy, Their Landlord/THD Mum

Their dedication to both their sport and our club is truly commendable, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from them and share in their journey.

As they return to their home club, Hikers Hockey Club, and international duties let us wish Shaq and Andrew all the success and luck in their future endeavours. Their time with us will be fondly remembered, and they will always have a home here at THD.

Group shot