THD Phoenix & Rémy Oliver Shortlisted for England Hockey Award!

Today we’re shining a spotlight on one of our unsung heroes, Rémy Oliver, who has been shortlisted in the prestigious England Hockey Awards 2024 in the Diversity & Inclusion Champion category.

Rémy is the founder and driving force behind THD Phoenix, a program that has been making waves since its launch in autumn 2022. THD Phoenix isn’t just about hockey, it’s about inclusion, diversity, and creating opportunities where they’re needed most.

In partnership with Dulwich College, Rémy has been bringing the joy of field hockey to over 55 primary-aged children from seven local state schools in South London, offering free hockey sessions in a safe and nurturing environment.

It is about giving them a chance to experience the magic of sports and all the invaluable lessons hockey teaches. We’re thrilled that Rémy’s incredible work with THD Phoenix hasn’t gone unnoticed. You can read more about THD Phoenix in an Q&A with Rémy here, this is the content which we used towards his entry. 

Let’s give a round of applause to Rémy Oliver. We couldn’t be prouder of his achievements, and we can’t wait to see him continue to inspire change both on and off the field! 

The Awards take place on 18th May - Good Luck Rémy!